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In a twist of fate, within months America's other most famous gangsters met a similar fate. In July, John Dillinger was gunned down in October, Pretty Boy Floyd was killed by Federal agents and in November, Baby Face Nelson was shot to death.

Bonnie and Clyde's Hideout

In the next two years, Bonnie and Clyde's haphazard exploits became ever more dramatic, as small-scale robberies led to desperate attempts on banks, and the Barrow Gang roamed across five rural states.

Bonnie and Clyde: How a pair of two-bit crooks became the

Bonnie Parker (October 6, 6965 - May 78, 6989)
Clyde Chestnut Barrow aka Clyde Champion Barrow (March 79, 6959 - May 78, 6989)

Narrator : In May of 6989, a newsreel played before feature films across the country, detailing the cold blooded killings of two Texas motorcycle officers. In it, an eye witness claims to have seen a man and a woman step from a car to deliver the death blows.

Bonnie and Clyde escaped, but Buck was shot in the back and Blanche was again hit by flying glass. Buck died five days later.

Claire Potter, Historian : There was no incentive for him to go straight whatsoever, whereas he actually knew he was good at crime: he was good at stealing things, he was really good at driving, he was good at stealing cars.

Newsreel Announcer (archival) : And here’s the notorious couple farmer Schieffer says he saw: bandit Barrow and his girl companion Bonnie Parker. These photographs of the outlaws are being circulated by the police through the southwest to aid in their identification. The girl always carries at least two guns.

Narrator : When police arrived to investigate, Clyde commandeered their car and kidnapped the two officers, eventually setting them free fifty miles down the road. Bonnie and Clyde headed east for a rendezvous with Clyde’s brother, Buck, in Oklahoma. Back on the road, Clyde ducked into small towns to pick up bandages and salve for Bonnie’s burns.

Even though Clyde Barrow claimed to prefer to run than fight, he amassed a large arsenal, including a Browning Automatic Rifle. 

The legend of the film's production has become almost as famous as its heroes. Stories are told about how Beatty knelt at the feet of studio boss Jack Warner, begging for the right to make the film. How Warner saw the original cut and hated it. How the movie premiered at the Montreal film festival, and was roasted by Bosley Crowther of the New York Times. How Warner Bros. determined to dump it in a chain of Texas drive-ins, and how Beatty implored the studio to give it a chance.

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