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I love the look of your guided reading sessions and mine are more or less the same. I only wish I had more uninterrupted time to do these literacy and numeracy sessions properly. We have so many other things to deal with it is almost impossible to get a half hour session in. Any more time than that is pure fantasy.

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Each week, I introduced an appropriate new reader (or continued on a new section of a previous reader). We would start by looking at the Title, Author, Illustrator. We would then discuss the pictures and other book features and elements (fiction/non-fiction, contents, etc), with each child sharing and predicting what they thought the book was going to be about.

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Of the informal assessments, running records are extremely useful for determining whether students should be moved to another group.

Writing about the text is a good practice as well, and it allows you to collect a writing sample. “The children might do a dictated sentence at an early level. As they move up, they get more responsibilities for coming up with the message,” says Richardson. For older students, Rosenow says these post-reading writing activities could include creating five or six imitation Facebook posts or tweets from a character’s point of view.

What type of work should students do independently while you’re meeting with a group? That may depend on your school’s literacy block model, but here are a few ideas.

My overall goal each time I sat down with a group was to practise the above reading skills and come away knowing exactly how each child is 8766 approaching 8767 their reading I look for clues and signs and would often use this time to observe and write 8766 running records 8767 for each child.

Next, choose the right book—and choose wisely. “Guided reading can flop or fly based upon the text choice. If it’s too easy, there’s nothing for the child to learn,” Richardson says. “But if it’s too difficult, the teacher has to do the reading for the student. That doesn’t increase the child’s problem-solving skills.”

You can view the overview of a 8766 typical year one day 8767 I put together recently to see how I would do this (very basic overview)

I am actually not teaching at the moment and I am afraid I am a little rusty however, I am sure that some 8766 active 8767 teachers can help you I will start another thread with the question also Kim

Practice these routines and activities every day. Build students’ stamina until they can function on their own for the 65 to 75 minutes you’ll need to meet with a small group.

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